Dental Implants India – Centre for Advanced Immediate Loading Basal Implants

Courses in Strategic Impantology

4 kinds of programs are available for doctors who wish to learn more on Strategic Immediate Loading Implantology.

1) Introductory Lecture to Immediate Loading Implantology (1 hour duration with interaction)

2) Introductory Lecture cum Demonstration on dummy jaws (3 hours duration with interaction) – can be organized as a Pre conference course

3) Workshop on Immediate Loading Implantology – 3 day workshops which include lectures as well as live surgery & prosthetic steps demos. We will demonstrate how we can treat cases (full as well as partial mouth, including highly atrophied “no bone” cases) from start to finish. No teeth to fixed teeth in 3 days.

4) IF Course – Courses offered by the International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany – 1 year course spread over 4 modules of 3 day workshops. Participants who have completed the IF Course will be eligible to write an examination which will facilitate them to receive the Clinical Mastership in Immediate Loading, from the International Implant Foundation, Germany.
For more info on the upcoming programs, please contact:
Course Co-ordinator
Dr Bobby Antony
Mob: +91-9400326184