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Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants

Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants  

More than 2000  implants have been placed at our centre by now and our immediate load basal implant success rate is more than 98%. To make our implant services more beneficial in the long run to our patients, we offer our patients a special life time warranty on dental implants. Failures which can rarely happen to the dental implants and related fixtures done at our centre will be covered by us completely free of cost, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1.  Patient has to maintain his / her oral hygiene well and report to our centre for review examination once in 6 months. In case of outstation / international patients who cannot report for maintenance checkup, they can report to  their local dentist and keep us posted on their dental situation, once in 6 months.
  2.  Special instructions given to patients after the procedures have to be followed meticulously.
  3. If patient develops certain debilitating diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune disease, malignancies and other unfavourable bone diseases, this warranty cannot be applied.
  4.  If patient undergoes chemotherapy & / or radiotherapy for malignancies, the jaw bone architecture can get affected thereby causing failure of implants. In such situations, the warranty cannot be applied.
  5. Warranty cannot be applied in situations where implants and related fixtures have been damaged in accidents
  6. Warranty cannot be applied when the payment obligations on the part of the patient have not been fulfilled.

Failure of dental implants:
We will replace the failed implant totally free of cost to our patient.

Failure of super structure on implants
Any failure of the superstructures / fixtures on the implants such as copings, crowns or bridges, due to their manufacturing defects, will be attended to and restored totally of cost. However, if failures have occurred due to non-complaince of the patient to the post procedure instructions, the warranty option cannot be applied