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Testimonials : Alison Smith, Australia

Alison Smith, Australia

alisonThank you for your support and caring while I was at your clinic.
It was great to have assistance when I arrived to get  myself orientated and I will never forget my first bike ride! I appreciated the explanations of my options and treatment.
I found the dental challenges at times confronting and, at the same time, every effort was made to ease my concerns.
It is wise for all parties to consider the language and differences in cultural practices as patience and time for clarification helps things run smoothly. eg Knowing when it is lunch break and protocols for asking questions etc
I was impressed with the time taken to do some relaxing, social things together and options to travel or see Kochi when I was free.
Although we fitted in a lot of work, overall I was extremely pleased to be able to get the work done, in amiable surrounds at a price I could afford.
Well done by all of us!, Alison S

Antony Kavalam. Zurich, Switzerland KavalamOn the outset I wish to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks for the excellent dental implant work you have done on my upper jaw on 2. August 2013 at your clinic. My 9 dental implants with 2 crowns feel just like my regular teeth and I cannot tell the difference. I would also like to thank you for the hospitality extended to me by yourself, and your fellow dentists. Meantime I wish to share my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Harshakumar, who recommended me to consult your clinic for the latest basal implants with immediate loading instead of conventional implants which would have required several months of treatment for the same. Now I am absolutely satisfied with the excellent quality implants with which I can now chew and bite and I am grateful for my excellent and authentic smile.  I can say that the work done by Dr Prasanth and his team is truly amazing.

The work performed at Dr.Prasanth’s “Smile Centre” was so well done so that it not only just given me the confidence to smile, but also given me the genuine poise to laugh loudly with mouth wide open without being ashamed. I want to thank you once again for the fantastic work that you did to my teeth and want to let you know that I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives that looking for any aesthetic dentistry.

I once again thank you and your team for the marvellous job done with my dental implants. Kudos to you Dr. Prasanth Pillai. Without doubt I will promote your clinic and your professionalism to everyone I meet. If anyone wants any further information please contact me on my email address

Rev. Lawrence Rae, Canada