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Testimonials : Wayne Garrard, Australia

Wayne Garrard, Australia

At 54 yrs old I found myself with a complete lack of bite beyond the front. After many extractions things were getting worse as the remaining front teeth were starting to suffer under the load and eating some foods was becoming an issue.

Wayne Garrard, AustraliaNow living in Australia I decided it was time to act and get implants. I was shocked at the massive cost and extended time scale to do the work so decided to look further afield. Over the years I have had dental work done in several countries including India so no country was discounted. A lot of research lead me to discover immediate loading basal implants, these would be fantastic if I could find a suitable dentist. This proved the hardest part, not many Dentists seemed to offer immediate loading implants and those that did where either expensive or did not instil the confidence that would be required for such a big undertaking.

Finally I hit upon the Smile Centre website and Dr Pillai whom I contacted as soon as practical. I received a swift e-mail response from Dr Pillai, a time was arranged and I was soon talking to Dr Pillai over Skype, face to face discussing my problems and the options available. An OPG x-ray was forwarded to Dr Pillai who was then able to offer a treatment plan and a quote for me to consider. Due to my work commitments, it would be a while before I could get a few weeks off to get to India however Dr Pillai assured he would be able to complete everything within a week. We agreed a date and all was booked.

Once at the surgery in Cochin everything was discussed again in a reassuring, informative and leisurely manner. More 3D x-rays done then treatment started. At the end of day one I had the lower left and right implants completed. After more consultations having benefit of 3D X-rays it was agreed additional work to that already planned would be beneficial in the long run for the left upper area. Day 2 and the left upper implants were complete. A total of 10 implants, 4 extractions and one crown cap removed. Day 3 and the lower Teeth prosthetics were ready to fit, the right was fine the left needed more adjustment at the lab. By 13.30 on day 4 all teeth were fitted adjusted and complete. I am sure some might consider this all a bit full on and would like a more leisurely pace. It does however demonstrate that its possible to get implants in a short space of time as Dr Pillai promised. There were times of minor discomfort but no more than having a filling done with anaesthetic. All the slightly uncomfortable bits were done and dusted in the first two days.

The Surgery has nice private area available for waiting between treatments, My wife was with me and was able to access wi-fi and read in comfort. She was also included in all the consultations regarding the work being done. All of the staff were friendly caring and attentive, offering refreshments whist we waited.

Dr Pillai instils immediate confidence and obvious pride in his work. At every step we were kept completely informed and up to date on progress. I cannot recommend the whole Smile Centre experience highly enough. The whole object of the exercise was to get my bite back and as promised this was achieved in a short period, I am delighted with the result and the overall experience.

Even with such a short period in Cochin we still had time for a few sightseeing trips to the local sights and managed a ½ day trip into the backwaters.

Now back home and after a couple of weeks for things to settle down I am again able to eat whatever I want with absolute confidence.

Wayne Garrard, Perth, Western Australia